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                            Travel Agency is a collective project that speculates on the spatial implications of tourism on Norway in a post-petroleum economy. The following video introduces thirteen contributions that rethink the relationship between the front and backstages of the global tourism industry.         


These documents initiate our journey!              ︎    Towards Sustainable Travel and Tourism in Norway: A Roadmap       ︎    Green Competitiveness

From second homes to space transportation and everywhere in between, the Travel Agency’s thirteen contributions commit in a critical way to Norway’s anticipated economic transition as well as the often overlooked realities of tourism.

Santiago Ardila (CO)
Juan Benavides (MX)
Daniella Camarena (MX)
Stef Dingen (NL)
Marco Fusco (IT)
Jack Garay Arauzo (PE)
Theodora Gelali (GR)
Shaiwanti Gupta (IN)
Sheng-Hao Hsu (TW)
Marianthi Papangelopoulou (GR)
Felipe Quintero (CO)
Gent Shehu (MK)
Siyuan Wang (CN)

Thesis Advisory Team

Salomon Frausto
Filip Geerts
Ludo Groen
Benjamin Groothuijse
Michiel Riedijk

Director of Studies
Salomon Frausto
Thesis Guest Critics
Jean-Louis Cohen
Joris Kritis
Léa-Catherine Szacka

Thesis Examination Committee
Dick van Gameren
Kees Kaan
Daniel Rosbottom
Paul Vermeulen
Nathalie de Vries
Local Experts
Gro Bonesmo, Spacegroup, Oslo
Amandine Kastler, Studio Kastler Skjeseth, Oslo
Erik Langdalen,Erik Langdalen Arkitektkontor AS, Oslo
Mari Lending, AHO, Oslo
Jérémie Michael McGowan, Tromsø
Sara Mesit and Ann-Karin Olsen, Andenes
Marianne Skulhaug, AHO, Oslo
Even Smith Wergeland, AHO, Oslo

Local Consultants

Maia Alva Martinsen Garrido, Bryggens Museum, Bergen
Magnus Nitter, Dr. Wiesener Restaurant, Bergen
Morten A. Østlund, Hurtigruten AS, Bergen

Special Thanks
Alvar Elias Ekhougen Larsen
Li-Cheng Chen