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Choose between the thirteen destinations on offer, travel across the fjord of Bergen, the mountain of Kvitfjell, and the island of Andøya and respond to the specificity of each of these locations. Each visit aims to rethink the relationship between the front and back stages of the global tourism industry!

The Buffer Zone

Marco Fusco (IT)

The Buffer Zone is a re-purposed offshore oil platform, with a depth of 350 m below the sea level, turned into a maritime hub.

Another Store

Theodora Gelali (GR)

Another Store is a flagship store linking production to consumption of clothing, from the sheep farm to the fitting room.

At The Circus

Jack Garay (PE)

An itinerant circus tent —that engages with various territorial, spatial, and seasonal conditions— arrives in Bergen, where stripped sheds and warehouses serve as short-term spaces for performance.


Marianthi Papangelopoulou (GR)

An open-air architecture institute that transforms the centre of Bergen into a scandinavian coastal fjord forest.

The Ministry of Things

Gent Shehu (MK)

The Ministry of Things rethinks the representative and organization role of the ministry in the age of the anthropocene.

The Norwegian Catalog House

Sheng-Hao Hsu (TW)

By applying modularization to redesign the systematic process of catalog house, The Norwegian Catalog House could be like a commercial product that is assembled and dismantled easily, being able to deal with the sprawled second homes situation in Kvitfjell.   

The Second Cabin

Felipe Quintero (CO)

The objective of the second cabin is the replacement of the current second homes.

Non-stop Landscape

ShaiwantI Gupta (IN)

Non-stop landscape brings ideas of slow tourism through train travel as a way of experiencing the pristine landscape of Norway.

Plug and Play

Siyuan Wang (CN)

Plug and Play is a charging station system for travellers with electric cars, which provides enjoyable activities during the charging time.

A Tourist Trap

Daniella Camarena (MX)

A Tourist Trap aims for the coexistence of visitor recreation and conservation of natural areas; emerging as a building for the mediation of people and nature, regulating the impact of visitation and connecting nature, places and history.

Site-seeing Outer Space

Santiago Ardila (CO)

The Røyken Observatory offers astronomical working tourism to preserve Andøya’s unspoiled landscape from light pollution while providing work and leisure activities to astronomers, astrophotographers and astronomy devotees.

The Official in Residence

Stef Dingen (NL)

The Official in Residence employs the palace type to put a post-petroleum Norway on display.

A Place to Land

Juan Benavides (MX)

The Norwegian Office of Commercial Space Transportation (NOCoST) is a new rocket launch complex situated on the island of Andøya.